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Here is a very small sample of YOUR comments and feedback.....
         from clients, partners, referral agencies and visitors

    phone call from a very happy customer - wanted to thank staff and volunteers for clearing their flat at xx.     "It was an excellent job, with special thanks to Carl for being so helpful" :)

    Greg Clark MP tweeted   "Inspiring to hear young people's stories of how @WestKentYMCA is helping them to turn their prospects around, during visit today"  @gregclarkmp 
   a young lady we work with wrote  ‘I would have ended up either dead now or in prison, I was self-harming and I don’t do that any more either’

   comment from a local youth worker "we are so grateful to the team who have not only helped us to continue helping young people, but made our own lives so much better as well"

    note from a local church who helped a gentleman who has been rough sleeping for years, to access the Tunbridge Wells Churches Winter Shelter  "On a personal note I would also like to thank you for all the details you put in your email.  I would not have known who to contact without your advice.  It may well also come in handy in the future"

   comment from a young man - “...has changed my life, I now know what I want to do with my life, and have a much better idea how to do it" 

   comment by a visitor meeting our new youth work apprentices recently “I was so very impressed and inspired by their story, their vision and their enthusiasm – well done them!!”
   comment by young people while helping those who are homeless [as some of them have been]   'it feels great to be able to help homeless people’  
   passers by said    ‘what an inspirational group of young people’    ‘this is a fantastic idea'’
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   if you are unhappy about any of our work please also let us know or use our complaints policy
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