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Our Vision, Mission, Values & Strategy


Young people in need are equipped and empowered to build their future

We are a local Christian charity committed to helping young men and women, of all faiths or none, particularly at times of need.

   Our mission is to do this by providing the foundation that young people need, including:
.A safe and secure place to live
.A safe and supported place to learn
.A great environment in which to develop and grow, and
.An excellent standard of complete support, designed for and with young people
   We aim to be the best provider of these young people’s services and will work with partners who share our values and aspirations


We strive to be: 

Inclusive - welcoming all young people irrespective of faith, gender, sexuality, background
Ambitious - seeking the best outcomes for all the young people we work with
 Inspiring - so all young people we are in contact with will want to work with us
 Caring - so young people realise we want to help them achieve a better future
 Honest - in all our dealings with, and on behalf of, young people
Empowering - helping young people set their own goals and achieve them
 Committed to sustainability - and best environmental business practice

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We welcome feedback on our Strategy
   <<   the media frenzy - watching the large crowds watching the torch relay - everything we do is subject to close scrutiny, must be sustainable, young person - centred and led and outcome focused
    >>   large crowds at the YMCA - cheering on the young lady carrying the Olympic Torch past Ryder House.  We want to be a bright light, a beacon - helping young people on their life journey.....