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Talk2Us Counselling Service for children, young people and adults

Talk2Us Counselling Service for children, young people and adults




is our low cost, confidential Counselling Service for children, young people and adults aged 8 to 30+. 



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There was media coverage of our launch event on TV, Radio Kent, K&S Courier about why this new low cost service is needed.

The talk–2–us Counselling Service launched in 2016 by West Kent YMCA,  venue directions www.WestKentYMCA.org.uk/tower
- where our counselling rooms are.  Photos and press release HERE
email us to find out more. We welcome confidential enquiries from young people, parents, teachers, youth workers, health workers, social workers, counsellors, GPs, school nurses, pastoral staff - or anyone looking to find out:  
What is counselling?  
When do young people find counselling helpful? 
What does the West Kent YMCA talk–2–us Counselling Service offer?  
How do I know its safe, professional and confidential? 
How do I book in? 
How can I refer someone else for the service? 
How much does it cost? [no one is excluded due to cost] 
How can I help and support the service?

Background: our talk–2–us Counselling Service started in 2015 for YMCA residents, trainees and participants / volunteers in our Juice Bar youth clubs, V4C activities, DofE awards and YMCA warehouses.  Now its open to all those aged 8-30+....
 - find out more and see the video clip 
HERE or at www.westkentymca.org.uk/projects/counselling/
talk–2–us:  low cost, confidential, professional counselling service for young people run by West Kent YMCA 









   A low cost, professional service for young people who would value time to talk through life issues and concerns - confidentially - with a trained, experienced, dedicated counsellor.  (Clients are asked for £30 per appointment or missed appointment)
all bookings and enquiries: 
phone 01892 572 311 (& leave a voicemail) or email talk2us@WestKentYMCA.org.uk 
* - - in a crisis ? - - please click HERE for advice - - *  During our launch event, Deputy Mayor of Tunbridge Wells, Cllr David Neve shared his difficult experiences as a teenager in a local school. He said

“It is positive that the subject of mental health is being discussed more and more by both the media and the public. 

“However, taking the first step to getting help is the hardest thing a lot of people can do. What Talk-2-Us is, is an open door to help in a relaxing atmosphere.

“YMCA is changing lives.”
Photos   1.  Alice (V4C), Cllr Neve, Lucy (V4C)   and  2. Heather (Talk2Us)


Recent feedback

'Without the counselling, I would not have had the courage to apply for a college course. And follow my heart.'

 'Counselling was the one place where someone listened to me and didn't tell me what to think or what to do.'

Want to know more about us - see the video below...
Find out about our local events - www.WestKentYMCA.org.uk/events  
VIDEO  -   what do young people think of our life-changing work?