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Gift Aid     *  PLEASE giftaidit to increase the value of your donation if you pay income tax or capital gains tax - more details below.

DID YOU KNOW THAT - at no cost to you - YOU CAN:

>>   gift aid [qualifying voluntary] donations of money

>>   gift aid any funds we raise selling items you ASK us to sell on your behalf [as your agent] - furniture, electrical items, clothes, artwork, books, jewellery, CDs etc. This costs you nothing to gift aid the sale proceeds and could earn us over £20,000 a year to support our vital work - IF everyone who could gift aid completed and signed our simple form [below].  It is important that you understand that for this to be a legitimate GiftAid claim to HMRC you must appoint us as your AGENT to sell items on your behalf.  [this is very simple to do by ticking all 4 boxes on our agency agreement and gift aid form [download it below] In this way you still own your items until sold on your behalf; and once sold we will write to you to tell you how much they sold for.  You then have the choice to retain the funds [less our small fee] OR to donate the money to us as a voluntary gift under the Gift Aid scheme. 

>>   even sell your own items on eBay and donate anything from 10-100% of the sale proceeds to us and gift aid this donation too.  [eBay will reduce your sellers fees by xx% if you donate xx% to us via eBay]

>>   ask your employer to help you make regular tax-free donations from your salary by using a Pay-roll Giving scheme.  We use a voluntary scheme for our own staff and can advise a suitable local company to arrange this for you - if you are an employer - or if you want to suggest your employer sets one up.

Gift Aid Forms  If you pay income tax and/or capital gains tax [not VAT or Council tax] you can GIFT AID voluntary gifts of money that you choose to donate to West Kent YMCA [Charity no 803529]
If you wish to do so, please contact us or better still download our GIFTAIDIT form [choose any of the 3 versions below to suit your printer or computer], 
           DOWNLOADS >>>                                           GIFTAID FORM [Colour PDF]   
     GIFTAID FORM [Black and White PDF]           GIFTAID FORM [word document to edit]
Please complete & sign one of these and return it to us by email [scanned copy], fax, post or give it to our warehouse staff or our collection & delivery team.  
We respect your privacy - we will ONLY use your details to contact you in the event of a GIFTAID query, to confirm how much you helped us raise or in claiming tax back from HMRC.  We will not pass or sell your details to any other organisation.  We are registered under the data protection act. 

AND     IF   you are lucky enough to be a higher rate tax payer then by completing your tax return you can recover your higher rate tax - allowing you to donate even more!

To find out more please ask your accountant or tax advisor or check out HMRC advice [links correct as at 18 Feb 2013] for - 
>>  Gift Aid in general   see the HMRC advice and rules at  
>>  'Retail Gift Aid' schemes [when we sell your goods on your behalf as your agent so that you can gift aid us the proceeds if you choose]