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Hold a Y Party - GREAT fun and great fundraising

Y PartY    Y PartY    Y PartY      Y Party?           This is a great excuse to have a party and raise money for a good cause at the same time.   We are looking for as many people as possible to join in, so please have a party on our behalf.  Choose your party – anything from ‘watch the match’, curry night, disco divas to afternoon tea on the lawn, BBQ, open garden or a Sunday roast.  We just want you to have FUN and raise lots of money for West Kent YMCA.  Your donations will all go to our Youth Opportunities Fund and this year we have a target of £25,000*.  With your help we can put the FUN into fundraising...

      * West Kent YMCA are raising money for two aspects of our work.

•         'Safe Space'      A dedicated room with trained staff able to help young people to deal with the emotional traumas of their life.  We find many of the homeless young people who stay in Ryder House find it difficult to build their future and decide on a new direction without learning to deal with their past.  We long to have a room set aside for specialist care and support.

•             Youth Opportunities.       The Horizon Project is developing programmes for vocational training for young people and the V4Cproject (vehicle 4 change) helps these young people to re-connect with the community. We need funding for new opportunities to help the most dis-connected young people in our area to reconnect and build a future.

We ask everyone who attends a Y PartY to host their own  Y PartY  and help us reach our target.  

If you would like any help, advice, publicity, resources or to book a speaker please contact us on  and you can download Y PARTY resources

Please let us know when you are holding a Y PartY and let us know how you get on, who attended, who signed up to donate by gift aid and/or to be a FRIEND of West Kent YMCA and any extra resources or bright ideas we can share with others....