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Recycling and Reuse Project | Social Enterprise  
furniture, beds, sofas, electrical, white goods, TVs, audio. for home & officeSocial enterprise PLUS invaluable work experience, training, supported employment & Horizon Project sales.
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YMCA Furniture Store
14-18 Goods Station Rd
Tunbridge Wells   TN1 2BL
    near Fenwicks & Bathshop 
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YMCA Furniture Store YMCA Tower House, Vale Rise, Tonbridge TN9 1TB
near Royal Mail depot, car wash & Land Rover garage
3 floors of great furniture, antiques, retro click here to visit vast range of beds, sofas, quality furniture
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Mon-Sat  9-5 BIKE PROJECT Mon-Sat  9-5
01892 615 612     RECYCLE 01732 36 11 08

 01892 615 612     or  01732 36 11 08    FAX  08712 390 677 
      We are Members of
FRN - Furniture Re-use Network 
The FRN represents & supports a sector that employs over 3,000 staff and - 

  • provides training for over 8,000 trainees
  • supports over 10,000 volunteers
  • helps around 700,000 low income households
  • reuses 2.5 million items including 300,000 electrical items and over 200,000 computers
  • diverts 90,000 tonnes of waste from landfill

The sector works from 3 million sq ft of space and runs 1,000 vehicles. All this is achieved on an annual turnover of around £80 million.  The sector is small but growing. It is able to reprocess electrical items in line with Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and is developing partnerships with local authorities to collect bulky waste; provide furniture and white goods to those who used to qualify for Crisis Loans. The outputs of the sector are expected to double over the next 3 years....