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Horizon Project TN2 (Sherwood) - Construction Multi-Skills including plumbing

The Horizon Project
** Want to apply or refer someone for Supported Vocational Training ? **  
  • Horizon Project TN2 (Sherwood)      
  • Plumbing, Metalwork and other Multi-Skills for construction plus Personal & Social Development
  • click HERE for offer for learners aged 16-25 
  • Tel  01892 544 266   FAX 08712 390 677
  • Staff - Bonnie, Jason, Paul, Vivien, Dave, Angi, Alice plus volunteers 
  • based in our refurbished TN2 Community Centre -
    The Horizon Project TN2, Lower Floor, TN2 Community Centre, Lakeside, [off Greggs Wood Rd], Sherwood, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3LZ 
  • view our Horizon Offer HERE
  • thanks to all those who support our work including Brewers
  • view more FILMs about our work HERE

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