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Our Special Offer for SCHOOLS - Work Based Learning


Special Offer for SCHOOLS - Work Based Learning 
- our proven early intervention / inclusion / re-engagement services 
- preventing the trends and cycle of exclusion
  • Special Offer for SCHOOLS - Work Based Learning      
  •  - our proven early intervention / inclusion / re-engagement services

  • - preventing the trends and cycle of exclusion

We can help you meet or exceed Ofsted, LEA & statutory requirements as well as parent, governor and pupil expectations.  Let us know if you want to see detailed figures & outcomes, but this graphic shows our impact:
WBL Impact on attendance%44 behaviour &; achievement / future potential

BEFORE referral to Horizon
  • attendance is typically 1/2 to 1 day a week (some staff & pupils hope pupil does not attend!)
  • expected achievements are low - predicted to get less than 1 GCSE at grade A*-C

AFTER referral to Horizon

  • attendance is typically 2-3 days a week vocational skills training at the Horizon Project, PLUS 2-3 days a week back at school or PRU but they are so motivated, engaged, keen to learn maths, English and other subjects now needed to succeed at carpentry & joinery, or plumbing & metalwork.   See feedback from Parents and Trainees here.
  • achievements gained - by the end of KS4 pupils who attend Horizon typically achieve a range of accredited City & Guilds / NPTC / LASER qualifications AND achieve some of those GCSEs they were predicted to fail.  Most importantly they are now far more likely to progress.  We have an outstaninding track record of Horizon Trainees going on to FE College - where they evidence very high rates of retention and achievement.   
  • improved life chances by gaining a vocational focus.  The Horizon Project helps pupils, schools, PRUs, Social Services and others to provide a viable, proven vocational pathway.  We have over 10 years experience of delivering and further developing vocational training.  Current national and local strategy puts much needed emphasis on developing a much improved vocational offer for young people aged 14-19.  Check out the KCC 14-19 Strategy HERE. The Horizon project delivers on that aspiration and can evidence success, innovation and pastoral support. 
  • quality of offer.  We monitor and track the progress of every trainee; and can evidence the quality of our pastoral support, parental engagement, mentoring, teaching and tutoring.  We set individual targets for every trainee at least every 3 weeks and can share these with the sending School / PRU / agency.  The comments made to our staff during the Ofsted report confirmed this independently.  Read the FULL Ofsted Report HERE - we were inspected as one of the key alternative provisions on 3 sites.

- simply refer a young person to us and our experienced staff - tutors, mentors, key workers and manager - will work with your staff and the pupil to help your pupil move from low attendance and low achievement to HIGH attendance, achievement, engagement, aspiration and future potential. 
Find our prospectus with referral form HERE and our Curriculum Offer HERE
-  None!
-  The only possible problem we have encountered is delaying the referral process which can lead to more resources being required; as well as a much harder journey for the young person concerned.  The earlier you refer a potential trainee the better our chances of a quicker, more cost effective 'turn round' or re-engagement  - thus reducing the need for longer term exclusions and/or managed moves
See our Work Based Learning Curriculum Offer HERE for what is currently available to schools, PRUs and other referring agencies [please contact us to discuss the fees we charge - courses are FREE to 16-19s registering directly with us].  You should plan on each pupil attending a centre for at least 2 days a week, but subject to review with you.

"Training & Development in the Horizon Project doesn't 'cost'  -  it 'pays real dividends' - for each pupil, school, family and our local community"            R - Finance Manager

                     "I love coming here - I've learnt so much"   J - Trainee 

        "You've done so well - I'm so proud of you - you've totally changed your attitude and behaviour since coming here to the Horizon Project!"   M - parent praising their child G during a recent open evening

Not only do we feel our inclusion / preventative programmes offer the best possible opportunity for many young people to re-engage, progress, achieve and thrive but we also believe early intervention is very cost effective for us all as tax payers...   The figures below are nearly 8 years out of date but we don't think the comparison has changed too much since then.   What do you think? 

     A&BS  = KCC Attendance & Behaviour Service
     AC       = Alternative Curriculum
     ASB     = Anti Social Behaviour
     ASBO  = Anti Social Behaviour Order
     PRU    = Pupil Referral Unit

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