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Referrals from other agencies

REFERRALS - we accept and welcome referrals from anyone - potential clients, friends, family, professionals

The following general advice is only for professionals working with referral agencies.

All other enquiries should be directed to our projects [each project page has a link to apply or refer]

Referring staff are asked to note that:

Referral Forms 
We can post brochures & referral forms or email them or you can download them on our website.  For specific referrals details see the project pages which all have a specific link to apply or refer for that project.   

All our work models diversity and inclusion - regardless of gender, race, ability, faith, sexuality.  So if you know potential clients [residents, trainees, service users or members of a Youth Project] please don't be put off from referring them to us. 
Some clients have mental health issues, learning difficulties or physical disability or attend a special school while others are young offenders, ex-offenders, excluded from school or asylum seekers.  Others are escaping domestic violence, abuse or other issues or have been victims of crime.  
Whatever the issues affecting you or someone you know - please consider referring them to us in confidence. One of our key strengths and added value is our very diverse client base & inclusive holistic approach so that no one is labelled or excluded within our projects.

What are our acceptance Criteria?
The key acceptance criteria for any applicant or referral is their needs.  
We must assess if we can offer them appropriate support.

If we cannot, then we are honest and try to suggest other options. This is better than accepting someone we cannot support, setting them up for failure after raised expectations. 

If we can support them, we consider risks if any to the potential client, other vulnerable clients and staff / workload.  Then we will usually accept a client, sometimes asking them to go on a short waiting list or seek external funding.  Sometimes we have to explain that we are currently unable to help them. 

Someone we cannot accept this week could be offered a place a month later - if circumstances change - or vice-versa.  All these decisions can be formally appealed by contacting the Project Manager or Chief Executive by email or letter; or by using our complaints procedure.  

Transparency and confidentiality
We depend on you, as a referring agency, to be absolutely 100% open with us - in confidence - so that our needs/risk assessments are accurate.
IF you withhold info from us you run the risk of inappropriate support being offered. You do yourself / your client a great disservice if you hide any issues from us.
Please use the established Kent and Medway Crime & Disorder information exchange protocols to give us a full picture