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Inclusion programme

Ryder House – Youth Inclusion Programme


Residents are at the centre of managing and evaluating our supported housing project at Ryder House and also get similarly involved in other projects across West Kent YMCA.  This includes:


  • Actively helping with the recruitment process, meeting applicants for ALL posts which involve working directly with young people.  We dont recruit any staff without getting approval from a group of residents
  • A Residents’ Forum meeting once a month to talk as a group with staff about living at Ryder House, how well needs are being met, and potential improvements or new developments.  These are chaired by residents
  • Helping to develop policies for running Ryder House
  • Evaluating services - for example through the Residents’ Survey
  • Making bids to develop a new service or buy new equipment
  • Producing a residents’ newsletter
  • Making DVDs  check out our video gallery   and using social networking sites to raise and help address different issues affecting young people
  • Raising the profile of Ryder House and the needs of young people through talking at meetings or taking part in local and national forums
  • Forming the Steering Group for our Big Lottery funded Vehicle for Change youth outreach project (V4C), helping design the mobile outreach unit and volunteering to help staff with different activities on board


Residents are involved in many different activities to raise funds, highlight issues, develop their personal and team-working skills, gain experience, or just have fun.   These include:

  • Taking part in a national Citizenship Support Programme photography competition run by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service – and then reaching the final and going to the Houses of Parliament where they came fourth – an amazing achievement
  • Hollding an exhibition of their photographs at Tunbridge Wells Library.
  • Making two DVDs – peer pressure around drugs and alcohol use (The Grass Isn’t Greener) and the aspirations of three very different residents.
  • A fashion show using ONLY recycled materials called GO GREEN.
  • A special dinner at Ryder House for invited guests to raise funds for activities.
  • Camping, The Three Peaks Challenge, expeditions to Africa and Macedonia (as part of a Youth Leadership Camp).
  • A new allotment and planting at the Ryder House garden.
  • Nominations for different awards, such as the Tryangle Award in Kent recognising the talents of young people.
  • Volunteering, such as the Green Project at Bedgebury Park.
  • Raising funds through a card making enterprise or open coffee mornings.