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Info for Residents - Handbook, Charter, Rent, Magazines

Resident's Handbook
Like any community Ryder House has to have clear house rules and
guidance for the good of all residents and staff. 
These are made clear at housing interview and when a new resident moves in. 
They are set out in your tenancy / licence agreement;
the house rules and the Resident's Handbook.  
Residents help to regularly update and improve their handbook.
For a guide to life as a Ryder House Resident you can download a recent
version of the Ryder House Resident's Handbook HERE

Note that Residents can also refer to the YMCA England Housing Division documents YMCA England Resident's Handbook and the YMCA England Resident's Charter.  


Letter to Resident's - Rent & Service Charges

Like any other housing provider we write to residents to set out the rent and service charges and how they are calculated to ensure transparency and accountability - and to demonstrate that living at the YMCA is exceptionally good value for money.
Click HERE to see the letter to those in a single self-contained flat
Click HERE for the letter to those sharing a kitchen & bathroom with one other resident

RYder House Rag is written and produced by Ryder House residents for residents and supporters.  Ask us if you would like a copy!
YBase Magazine is produced by the residents of YMCA England for the residents of YMCA England.  It is compiled and edited by the National Residents Forum, using articles, photos and submissions from residents across 26 Local YMCA Housing Partners.  Ryder House Residents are actively involved in the National Residents Forum 


If you would like to submit an article or be involved in the editing of YBase magazine, or have any feedback about the latest edition,
please contact  
to download the latest edition click on YBase Magazine



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