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    U TURN is another supported training project, but this time aimed at disadvantaged or vulnerable people aged 19 and above.  [some are unemployed, others employed but with no or low educational qualifications]
  • local training and learning aimed at people who are disadvantaged in their community -  including people with learning and physical disabilities
  • people who are unemployed or under-employed and want to try a new skill or get help to get work or to move to further education or volunteering roles
*To apply for a U TURN module or refer someone to us click here *
   We lead this dynamic network of U-Turn partners to deliver outreach adult learning... which can include modules such as: job clubs, first aid, IT, food hygiene, horticulture, career development, painting and decorating, leadership for young people, personal safety, retail skills...

   Started in 2006, U-TURN works with many local partners in West Kent and Maidstone to provide training, confidence building, and personal skills development modules to help people back into work, further training or volunteering.  Most learners can complete 2 modules and benefit from information, advice and guidance to help them identify and achieve their goals.

   We offer modules that are ALL free, at your pace, near your place.  

   To further develop this exciting programme in 2011 we became partners in the London Learning Consortium LLC CIC - who deliver adult learning, apprenticeships and other programmes funded mainly by the Skills Funding Agency

we are partners of the London Learning Consortium CIC

Funded by the Skills Funding Agency   to find out more contact us on