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U TURN Partnership - working to Value People Now... with local DPGs - TWDPG SDPG TMDPG MDPG - district partnership groups for people with learning disabilities

West Kent YMCA has had links with District Partnership Groups [DPGs] and Kent Partnership Board in West Kent for many years....   District Partnership Groups - or DPGs - are for people with learning disabilities and difficulties, their carers & families and for organisations that provide care, services, advocacy & support.  Their key role is to ensure that VALUING PEOPLE NOW - a government plan - is rolled out in every district in Kent.

We have employed staff for DPGs, provided advice, support and our staff have co-chaired or suported a DPG and helped run their accounts...  We are currently less involved with the DPGs and Kent Learning Disability Partnership Board [] and eagerly await news of Kent County Council changes - on how they will commission, fund and support DPGs in Kent to achieve Valuing People Now...

We remain fully committed to the principles of Valuing People Now, diversity, inclusion, empowerment, promoting independence in housing, work, training, health and leisure and providing practical support, assistance and services for people in our community with learning disabilities and difficulties; and their carers and young carers.
Bob doing painting training with U TURN
We currently run supported carpentry and joinery training for adults with learning disabilities on Fridays in the HORIZON Project Tonbridge - where they gain Skills for Life, for Work and for Living.... 

We ran Painting schemes for adults with learning disabilities in Edenbridge; and we offerred long term supported employment....

Many adults with learning disabilities enjoy our U TURN programme - training at Your pace, near Your place. This is delivered by many providers in West Kent and Maidstone -  who are partners in our U TURN partnership.  We offer information, advice and guidance.

These are currently free to all participants - as they are funded by:

-  Kent County Council,
-  Skills Funding Agency, or
-  Grant making trusts - from time to time

We are keen to enable current & future clients to buy training [& personal development] places using their personalised budget / in-control payments / credit card to offer greater flexibility and independence.  Please contact us if this would interest you [or your clients - for care managers / other agencies]
To find out more about support, training and work experience for People with learning disabilities please contact Janet on or call or text her on 07799.696.197 
                               We look forward to hearing from you...