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In a Crisis....?

are you or a friend or client in Crisis....?

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If you are in crisis please speak to someone you trust to tell them how you feel and ask them to listen to you. 
contact your support worker / key worker / manager if you are in a project

or call CHILDLINE on 0800 1111

or go to your local A and E   or call 999 for an ambulance
check the Samaritans website for more contacts 

read these 3 helpful leaflets - click to download each one
Feeling on the edge   |   U can cope   |   Feeling overwhelmed

see more help / contacts at
talk-2-us if you are a West Kent YMCA client - please talk to your YMCA staff about
talk-2-us our free, confidential counselling service for young people aged 8 to 30+
Download our  talk2us information leaflet - talk2us referral form


talk-2-us  bookings and enquiries: 
phone 01892 572 311 (& voicemail) or email
general info  see Twitter  |   Facebook NOT for confidential messages