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Where can I get debt advice, help with budgeting or managing my money?

There are people who can confidentially help you resolve debt problems no matter how large or small, in a free professional service.

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YMCA West Kent cannot be held responsible for advice given by others, but here are some links to other organisations who might advise or support you:


West Kent Debt Advice are well known & respected; and as they are regulated by the FCA they can deal with ALL creditors including banks, councils, utility companies, housing associations.  They are part of Crosslight Advice, supported by Churches across West Kent who serve the whole community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion.  They help anyone who has debt problems, big or small, including credit card debt, council tax / rent / mortgage arrears, utility bills through to threatened eviction or county court action. 

For resources, or to book an appointment see | call 01732 300 425 or 020 7052 0318 | email |

Crosslight is also home to the Money Course - FREE budgeting & money education resources which can be used by any organisation in their local community. The Money Course provides guests with skills & tools they need to take control of their money both practically and emotionally. See - it is for anyone who:

  1. would like to explore their relationship with and attitudes towards money and how they handle it,
  2. is seeking to understand how to control their finances more effectively
  3. needs advice on budgeting and managing their money
  4. may be worried about or struggling with their financial situation 
They also provide help with budgeting..