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Talk 2 Us Counselling Service

Low cost, confidential counselling.

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Talk 2 Us is a low cost, confidential Counselling service provided by YMCA West Kent

Who can access the Talk 2 Us service?
At Talk 2 Us we can accept referrals from anyone between the ages of 8-30 years. You don’t need to have a direct link with YMCA West Kent to access this service.
People come to us for counselling for many reasons. Typical issues can include but are not exclusive to anxiety and depression, mental health, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, bullying, stress, relationship breakdowns and sexual, physical or mental abuse.  Whatever your concerns may be our counselling team at Talk 2 Us are here to support you.

What happens when I contact the Talk 2 Us service?
You will be asked to complete a referral form – this tells us why you would like to be referred to Talk 2 Us.  You will then be asked to come in for an initial assessment with our Counselling Supervisor. She will talk through your referral with you in more detail and allocate a counsellor to work with you that best suits your need. This session with usually last 45 mins.

You will usually be offered six counselling sessions following your assessment, although sometimes a few more sessions may be needed. This will be something that you are your counsellor discuss.

How much will counselling cost?
Initial assessments are free of charge.

If you are currently accessing one of our projects – Horizon, Ryder House, Youth Work or Retail Traineeships your counselling sessions will be free of charge. This is part of the package YMCA West Kent offer to all of our clients.

If you are not accessing one of our projects (detailed above), sessions are charged at £30 per session (usually between 45mins and 60mins in length). For families on low income or in receipt of benefits we are able to offer a reduction, which will be discussed on an individual basis.

If you would like to meet with a counsellor or to find out more contact us on 01892 572311 or email to arrange an initial appointment.