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Be inspired! #LivingTheirBestLives

We want to give a shout for young people who inspire us every day... #LivingTheirBestLives - it's WHY we do what we do!

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Fed up with bad news, me-first, abuse, exploitation, discrimination, hate-crime seen in some of our community, social media, press and politics?  

We just want to give a shout out for young people who inspire us #LivingTheirBestLives 
Details are confidential but every day it's our privilege to 'walk alongside' young people who despite huge challenges role-model great grit, determination & passion to do the best they can for others, for their neighbours or family, for their community – to be the best they can #LivingTheirBestLives

Here are just a few [some names changed for privacy] examples:

Adrian – determined to take control of his life, now really engaged in his learning, not allowing his special needs or difficult family life to stop him.

Becky – a previous resident [see her full story HERE] who was street homeless and running out of hope… BUT has opened her second fashion shop! 

Charlie – after being street homeless, now manages a local shop and is a force for good in his neighbourhood, standing against anti-social behaviour.

Donna – went 'off the rails' [her words] into crime & drugs after seeing domestic violence against her mum... pregnant at 17 and in an abusive relationship. Now happily married with 3 children she wants to give back as a youth worker helping other families avoid the adverse experiences she suffered..

Elliot – failed to engage in education until his last year of schooling – when he came to the YMCA: which motivated & empowered him to start learning as a young adult.  Just started his construction apprenticeship. [His foster parents are over the moon as they could only watch helplessly as he seemed to be destined for a sad life of crime & prison.] 

... and there are many more...
including young people who were clients, but have joined as volunteers or staff, such as Roisin [see her story HERE] or Tom [see his story HERE]


Before the 2019 general election we asked people to:

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Will you pledge YOUR SUPPORT so all young people can be living their best lives?

If you support our manifesto #LivingTheirBestLives, please

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to create a new era for #youngpeople this #GeneralElection2019 | | @WestKentYMCA


                       THANK YOU!